Single, white male, aged 35-50

I’m going to talk about two passions of mine: Crime/thriller books/films/TV series and the idea of ‘Police profiling’. Police profiling is the idea that based on the characteristics of a crime, you can figure out who the perpetrator is. For example, whether they are single, middle aged, male or female etc. I will to discuss how police profiling gets portrayed in novels/films/TV series and determine how valuable the techniques used would be in an actual police investigation.


You haven’t got a clue…

We have all read psychological/ crime thrillers. We have all thought that Sherlock Holmes, Clarice Starling and Luther have a ridiculously interesting job, that we would all like a go at it. I’m sorry, I’ll apologise now. I’m here to put a bit of a damper on the idea of police profiling.