Myths? Aren’t they ancient history

Child sexual abuse myths encourage incorrect or stereotyped beliefs about the victim, perpetrator or nature of child sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse myths can lead to negative perceptions of the victims, such as people questioning their credibility or blaming the child for their own abuse.


Stop horsing around

People try to draw comparisons between cats, dogs and horses – when they are completely different. Cats and dogs are predatory animals. Horses are prey animals, that display a lot of instinctive behaviour to avoid being eaten. But horses do have cognitive abilities beyond what most people would guess.

A letter to those who do not call themselves feminists

So ‘Hi Guys’, I’m a bit late writing my blog post, and it isn’t exactly about psychology today. There is something that needs to be said. This is a letter to all those people who don’t call themselves feminists. I want to know why? You believe in men and women having equal rights? You think… Continue reading A letter to those who do not call themselves feminists