Where do all the lonely people go?

It’s a feeling we have all felt. That sinking feeling that you are alone in a group of people, that you are unwanted, annoying or unloved. Loneliness has been found to be strongly correlated with depression. Andrew Solomon even comments that depression is a disease of loneliness.


Myths? Aren’t they ancient history

Child sexual abuse myths encourage incorrect or stereotyped beliefs about the victim, perpetrator or nature of child sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse myths can lead to negative perceptions of the victims, such as people questioning their credibility or blaming the child for their own abuse.

If the world is my oyster, then I must be allergic to shellfish

It’s that time of year. When third year university student everywhere start to panic. Because we have finished University. We have completed our dissertation, handed in our final essay and studied for our final exams. There is nothing more we can do. We are finally out in the real world. Let me tell you, it’s… Continue reading If the world is my oyster, then I must be allergic to shellfish

Mind over matter*

So I’m back guys, two weeks later, and I hope to continue with a new post every two weeks so stay tuned in for more stuff on the brain and psychology and really awesome nerdy topics. Yay!   Today I’m talking about Meditation and Mindfulness, for three reasons. Firstly, mindfulness has been a really hot… Continue reading Mind over matter*